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Cambodian Steak with Salads and Condiments

Well Belle loved the Malaysian Flank Steak and the Tofu so much, she insisted I find something else from the “Planet Barbeque” book. I found one from Siem Reap. Cambodia. I substituted flank steak for the sirloin steak since I was going to marinate it for 4 hours anyway. Flank steak is truly a wonderful cut of meat as long as you marinate it for 2-4 hours. I cut the steak in half and then marinated it and after the 4 or more hours I barbequed it and then sliced it as opposed to slicing, marinating and grilling. I find this method works best when you are trying to achieveĀ  rare to medium-rare flank steak. The meal was great and even Hayley loved all the “salad” stuff and didn’t miss the meat or tofu etc. She did eat lots of the peanuts so she did get her protein.

Cambodian Steak with Salads and Condiments
adapted from “Planet Barbeque” by Steven Raichlen

Steak and Marinade:
5 cloves of garlic, pressed or minced
1 piece of ginger (large thumb size), peeled and finely chopped
6 scallions, white part finely chopped (green part set aside for condiment tray)
4 red Thai chilies, seeded and finely chopped
1/3 cup organic lemon juice
1/4 cup Asian fish sauce
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 cup dry-roasted peanuts, finely chopped
1 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 flank steak, cut in half against the grain

Salad Platter:
1 large Boston Lettuce, all leaves separated and washed, spun dry
1 bunch watercress, torn
2 cups Napa cabbage, thinly sliced
1 cup fresh Basil leaves
1/2 lb green beans, topped and tailed and cut into 2″ pieces
3 carrots, peeled and cut 1/4″ thick on the bias
1 large English cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
2 plum tomatoes, thinly sliced

Fish sauce
1/2 cup sugar
3 stalk lemongrass, trimmed and thinly sliced
3/4 cup dry-roasted peanuts, chopped
4 Thai bird chilies, seeded and chopped
Green parts of the 6 scallions(white part used in the marinade), thinly sliced on the bias
2 organic limes cut into wedges for squeezing


  1. Place all the ingredients for the marinade in a re-sealable plastic bag.
  2. Add the flank steak and mix it around to coat the steaks.
  3. Place in the fridge for 1-4 hours (the longer the better).


  1. Just prior to grilling the steak prepare the salad.
  2. Arrange the salad ingredients on a serving platter in an attractive way.
  3. Since we will be using the Boston lettuce to hold the steak and salad, I place them on a separate plate.


  1. The idea is to make your own dipping sauce with the fish sauce as a base and add your own condiments to it.
  2. Place the fish sauce in individual small bowls.
  3. Place each of the condiment items in separate bowls with serving spoons.
  4. Also have salt and pepper available.


  1. Set up the grill for direct grilling and pre-heat to high.
  2. Remove the steaks from the marinade and discard the marinade.
  3. Reduce the heat to medium low and grill the steaks for 3-4 minutes per side.
  4. Check for doneness.
  5. Remove from the grill with tongs (not a fork) and let rest 3-4 minutes.
  6. Slice the steaks thinly across the grain. Plate them and serve with the salad tray and condiments.


  1. First add whatever combination of the condiments to your fish sauce, taste and adjust the seasoning/flavour.
  2. Take a Boston lettuce leaf, add some steak and salad items.
  3. Roll up the lettuce leaf into a small package, dip in your sauce and enjoy.
  4. When you run out of lettuce leaves you can start eating off your plate and pour a little of the dipping sauce over your steak and salad.

Salad tray

I found it a little bit messy but fantastic. You could also use Romaine lettuce leaves instead / as well as they are bigger and would be easier to use. I forgot to take a picture of the Boston lettuce or any of our ‘packages’ . My fingers were too messy and busy eating to bother with the camera again!


Cambodian Flank Steak

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