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Here at Sensei Cooks I write about my adventures in the kitchen and sometimes in the dojo.

I have a love for cooking and want to explore all the possible facets of it. Leave no stone unturned so to speak.

I am Vegan and love all types of vegan cooking.

I love the process of cooking. Being in the moment. Sort of Zen and the Art of Cooking.

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Korean Short Ribs

Great recipe for short ribs, trying to recreate a taste from a Korean Grill House restaurant. Turned out great.

Korean Short Ribs

5 lbs Beef short ribs 1 cup Brown sugar 1 cup Soy sauce 1/2 cup Water 1/4 cup Mirin 1 Small onion, peeled and finely grated 1 small Asian pear, peeled and finely […]

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Spicy Smoky Barbecue Ribz

This is another great recipe from Party Vegan by Robin Robertson. I love all her recipes from Planet Vegan and Party Vegan and everything else in between. You can make the recipes right out of the book with little or no changes and they are perfect. I like to make small changes and sometimes large […]

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Ravioli Without Borders

This was a fun recipe and really could be very quick and easy. The idea is to use wonton wrappers instead of pasta, this makes it very easy to put together. I wanted to make the home-made Vegan pasta but decided to try this as I have also read this same idea in Jamie Oliver’s […]

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Fajita Burger

Belle decided she would like chicken instead of the usual beef we have been eating way too much of lately. We borrowed a few cookbooks from the library and decided to give these a try. I found two I wanted to try, a Tandoori Chicken burger and a Fajita Chicken burger. I finally decided on […]

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Grilled Tofu with Chile Peanut Sauce

We were having a Malaysian Flank-Steak and I needed something vegetarian for Hayley. In the same book (Planet Barbeque) I found a tofu dish, also from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a grilled tofu with a chile peanut sauce. Fantastic dish. I thought we would eat the steak and Hayley would eat the tofu, with […]

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