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Here at Sensei Cooks I write about my adventures in the kitchen and sometimes in the dojo.

I have a love for cooking and want to explore all the possible facets of it. Leave no stone unturned so to speak.

I am Vegan and love all types of vegan cooking.

I love the process of cooking. Being in the moment. Sort of Zen and the Art of Cooking.

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Pub Style Chicken Curry

This is a fantastic curry. Really easy to make and tastes even better the next day – if you ever have any leftovers (which I seldom do). I made a few changes from the original recipe like increasing the number of Thai red chilis for more heat. I also changed from vegetable oil to olive […]

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Here is a quick and really versatile recipe. Samosas. You can fill them with anything you like, and as Dylan says they are like little sandwiches. I actually made him Mac ‘n’ Cheese samosas last night and he devoured them. Now for the rest of the planet, a more traditional potato filling is in order.This […]

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Vegan Naan Bread

This is a great and easy Naan bread. We love it all by itself and it is perfect with any Indian dish, chili or peanut butter for that matter. I make it on the BBQ but I am sure you could make it in the oven or an indoor grill. My smoke detector would go […]

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Moong dal pancakes with peas (Gujerati poore)

I was going on a road trip with some of my karate students to another dojo. They hold their classes in a Hindu temple and we usually have food and social time after the class. They usually provide the food (hosting dojo) but I thought it would be nice for us to bring something too. […]

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