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Dylan’s Carrot Eggless Omelette

Every once in a while a great chef emerges, you can never tell where they will come from. We have a few celebrities from the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and the USA and even some from Canada.  Hard to believe we have one right here in Pickering, Canada. Chef Dylan is the newest up and coming chef. He dazzles us with his mixtures of flour and water. He impresses us with his use of the whisk and spatula. The world may never be quite the same. Chef Dylan was too shy to give an interview but I am hopeful that in time he will agree to share some of his intuitive culinary wisdom.


Dylan’s Carrot Eggless Omelette

Can I have some all-purpose flour and some water?
Can I have a whisk?
Can I have a carrot?
Can I have a peeler?
Can you cut these up for me, because I can’t use a sharp knife yet?
Can you get me a frying pan?
Can you add some oil for me?
Can you turn on the stove, I can’t reach it?
Can I pour some in the pan?

When do I flip it? Never mind I know. After I add the carrots.

There that looks perfect.


Now who wants to try it?



The actual proportions of the ingredients along with myriad of spices that went into this very special omelette must remain a secret right now until Chef Dylan’s first book comes out. Then everything will be revealed. For now, just wish you were here.

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6 comments to Dylan’s Carrot Eggless Omelette

  • I love this post! Dylan cooking sounds just like my husband trying to make something! (only we would have to add: which appliance is the stove?)


  • Oh how cute! What a great post. I love Dylan’s step by step. Good job Dylan! Can’t wait for the cookbook!


  • So cute! Love the step-by-step.


    Ward Reply:

    Thanks Rebecca,
    Dylan really likes to cook (sort of), he wants to do what Daddy does. He knows he can’t use sharp knives but loves to use the peeler. Loves to use the whisk and wants badly to cook on the stove but knows he has to be so careful. He always wants to help me in the kitchen, it is a wonderful feeling. I am sure he will be really cooking, on his own, in no time at all.


  • As you can surely understand, I am pretty partial to my girls but Dylan is about an 11.3 on the cuteness scale. How could anyone not love this kid! Great post!


    Ward Reply:

    Thanks Steve,
    Marissa and Zoe are right up there too!
    Hey, we are parents, all our children are Perfect.
    See you this Saturday for our Open House Dinner after Jodo (a weapon based martial art) of course.
    Then I have dash back home and try to make these Persian dishes which all take 2-3 hours to make plus all the prep …. Aghhh Oh wait, I forgot, I have a sous-chef …. Dylan. Okay now it should be a piece of cake…. Not!


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