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March Open House Dinner

March Open House Dinner

This month, due to March Break, we will be holding our Saturday Open House Dinner on Saturday March 27th. We start at 5pm but feel free to come by anytime after that. Stay as long as you can and enjoy everyone’s company. Bring your friends with you, that way Belle and I get to meet new people. Just let us know by the Thursday before how many will be attending (adults and children).

We are going with a Persian (Middle Eastern) Theme. Saeed, one of my Aikido black belts, gave me a Persian cookbook for Christmas and I have been wanting to get into it, so this way I force myself to do it. I have never really cooked Middle Eastern , per se but I am willing to try.

Jamie, a certified chef and one of my Aikido students, has a tagine and is willing to lend it to me. If I really like this food and style of cooking I guess I have to by my own. It is a cooking ??pot with a volcano type lid. Really cool and I have never used one. This is going to be a very scarry dinner. I better borrow it from him earlier and experiment, they say never cook something for the first time for guests. But as a martial artist, you are always in the moment. It is now! There is no practice for life and death. It is now!

So I will figure out how to use a tagine but the food will be on the fly – in the moment and my Middle Eastern guests can let me know where I went right and where I went wrong. I always want to learn. Always the beginners mind. (Martial Arts reference).

Please try to join us. We don’t have a large home but we always have room for one more. Take us as we are (in the middle of renovations) and enjoy the company of everyone else who shows up.



A few of the people from last month’s Dinner – there were 40 of them but I was too busy to take pictures. Maybe this time I will hand off the camera to Belle or one of the guests.

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2 comments to March Open House Dinner

  • Can’t wait to hear about the Persian food! I hope you get some pictures of the food dishes too!


  • The tagine is really simple. Put the meat and seasonings at the bottom with the veg layered on top. The steam will swirl through to cook and the flavours will combine. But remember don’t put a clay pot on high heat – it could crack and that would be a nightmare. Think low and slow.


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