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Our Saturday Open House Dinner


Another Saturday dinner and I survived.

Yes I love these.

Please, if you are anywhere in the area come out and enjoy. My neighbours to the right came but our neighbours to the left tried  but couldn’t make it.

This is great! A great turnout, great food (not mine the food people brought). Life just doesn’t get any better then this!

Next month… Indian cuisine!

No pictures. I forgot. Sorry. Everyone was way too busy to take pictures. Next time, I promise.!!!!!

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3 comments to Our Saturday Open House Dinner

  • I can’t believe we have to miss out on vicarious enjoyment of Middle East cuisine! I protest that vicarious attendees are important too! :–)


    Ward Reply:

    Next time lots of mouthwatering pictures!


  • It was a great time and the food was fantastic, from the meatballs that weren’t, to the rice that was supposed to be that crispy on the bottom, to the “cute” soup. I won’t even mention the halva that someone (me) brought that, while tasty, had almost no relation to actual halva.

    Ooooo, Indian…….yummers.


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