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Saturday Dinners #4

Saturday January 16th will be our fourth “Open House Saturday Dinner Party” and we are quite excited about it. The first one was a sit down meal since only had 6 guests but since then we have had no less then 26 guests, so sit down is not really possible, although we do have a huge dining room table. Not a large dining room, just a large table. So the menu will be more like our Tapas Party, small bites, lots of varied and different food. No particular theme for this one, although we always seem to cook more Asian the anything else. I am planning a curry dish, baking Naan bread on the BBQ, one of our favourite a rice dishes, maybe North African Shrimp, Japanese Calamari and probably a chicken dish along with lots of little tidbits of veggies and meat. If I have time (ya, right) I will make homemade chocolate pasta for the children who aren’t so adventurous (read that as Dylan). No plans for a dessert as of yet. I still really need to get into baking more. Some of the other blogs I visit do so much baking and it always looks so beautiful. Mine always looks like my 6 year old did it with his eyes closed (this is not a slight on Dylan). They usually taste great but the presentation is terrible. How do they do it?????

I mentioned my next door neighbour bakes a lot and makes her own candy so I really have to pick her brains or at the least watch how she does it. It can’t be that hard, can it? My father’s dad use to make us fudge all the the time and my brother has his recipe and has promised to pass it on. My brother also has my mother’s recipe for Ginger Cordial (non-alcoholic) and has promised to pass that on as well. I am the oldest, why didn’t I get these? There is something amiss here. I want to get these recipes and be able to pass them on to my children. The Ginger Cordial was always a Christmas / New Years tradition and I loved it so much. Now I drink a lot of Jamaican Ginger Beer which is basically the same thing but without the extra heat. I really get side-tracked don’t I?

I really need to redesign this header and get some good pictures up. I may actually change the entire theme, not too sure about this. Please bare with me as we get through this together.

Back to the Saturday Open House Dinners, so for anyone in the GTA (greater Toronto area) who wants to drop by Saturday, we start about 5pm and finish a lot later. I hope you can join us. I will be posting about it later. Of course I would be thrilled if anyone even farther away decided to drop by, you don’t even have to call first.

I was so sick over New Years that I did nothing constructive, as evidenced from the lack of posts etc. Now, I really need to get caught up on visiting everyone else’s blogs. I am so far behind. I really hate getting sick.

Saturday Dinners

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4 comments to Saturday Dinners #4

  • Would you like us to bring a dessert? Something else perhaps?


    Ward Reply:

    Dessert would be great. Thanks Steve.


  • We would love to come for dinner! Flying time is about 15 hours so we’ll be hungry! And we’ll need a ride from the airport! But I’ve heard so much about these dinners from your appreciative wife!! One of these days we’ll get there….!!!!!!!


    Ward Reply:

    We can arrange to have you picked up at the airport!


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