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Here at Sensei Cooks I write about my adventures in the kitchen and sometimes in the dojo.

I have a love for cooking and want to explore all the possible facets of it. Leave no stone unturned so to speak.

I am Vegan and love all types of vegan cooking.

I love the process of cooking. Being in the moment. Sort of Zen and the Art of Cooking.

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Mirin Glazed Tofu or Salmon

This one comes from Nigella Lawson and is very, very good. I started making it with tofu for myself and salmon for the rest of the family. Very easy recipe and the sauce is great on the rice – so says Dylan. Of course the salmon is not vegan but using tofu instead makes this […]

Breaded Tilapia

We are trying to work through our freezers and clear all the frozen fish and meat before we end up throwing them out. The plan is working well. We wanted something to go with the Spaghetti with creamy braised garlic and leeks but were not feeling like meat so we opted for Tilapia. This was […]

Wasabi Tuna

I really like tuna and I like it rare – sashimi. But it is not always easy to find sashimi grade tuna so I usually cook it a liitle bit more, just in case. My Aikido sensei, Karasawa Sensei (sensei means teacher in Japanese, actually it means before born, so they were born into the […]

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